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About Us

We make toys and furniture that help parents set up an environment for their kids to experience open-ended play and become more independent people.

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Our Story

We're a family-owned business in Northwest Arkansas. We got our start making toys and furniture for our own kids, and quickly grew into a business as other friends saw what we were doing and wanted the same for their kids!

At Free Play Kids, we create toys and furniture that encourage imagination and independence. Our products are open-ended, meaning it’s up to your child to choose how they want to play with it. Today, the climbing triangle can be a fireman’s ladder, and tomorrow, it’s a tent in the middle of the rocky mountains. The furniture we create helps kids to learn responsible life skills like sitting at the table while you eat or picking out your own outfit for the day.

Kids love to be independent, and we love to create safe and fun ways to encourage the exploration and development of those skills. When kids interact with our products, they view it as play. Since play is the work of children, setting up a great environment of play for our children, sets the stage for developing the next generation of great leaders in our world.

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Shipping Policy

We don't do it!

Well... not yet. 

We're a new business with a heart for serving our community of Northwest Arkansas with excellence. Before we scale our operations to enable national shipping, we want to stay close to our customers that we serve and get their feedback face to face on our products. Signup below if you'd like for us to ship something to you and we'll put you on the list to know when that option becomes available. 

About Us: Shipping Policy
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